Tuesday, September 15, 2009

catching up

I haven't updated this thing since March? Really? Only six months? I swear to god it feels like over a year. Well, if you check the posts, it really has been nine months since I've actually blogged about food.

A lot has happened in that nine months, including a couple of pretty decent food experiences that I might just blog about in the near future. Here's a preview:

- A super money friendly recipe for Dal a.k.a. indian lentil soup courtesy of my good friend Frank. Delicious, flavorful, and roughly 50 cents for a good sized lunch portion.
- My top three or four weekday dishes. This includes great black bean tacos, gorgonzola pasta with peas and mushrooms, and homemade pizza. All provide plenty of leftovers and are really easy to make.
- Carrot cake that I just about died over. It's probably my greatest culinary accomplishment.
- I grew herbs!? And it turned into the best pesto I've ever eaten. Now that we've moving, I think I have the space to put together a real garden next summer. I'm talking tomatoes, cucumbers, all the good stuff.

I truly haven't been cooking as much lately as before. My wife getting laid didn't off help at all, as now money is a lot tighter and I can't buy those cool ingredients that I want to cook with. In addition, my bike accident led to a pretty decent pile of medical bills as well as the cost of a new bike. That and school has really picked up for me. I'm committed to getting out in no more than 24 months, and it's going to take a lot of work to make that happen. Pile that on with my newfound love for cycling and learning French, and...well...no time. This probably means I shouldn't be blogging, but I really need something to get it out every once in a while. At this point, I don't even care if no one reads this at all.

So, until my next post, which will be soon, I say au revior...

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TKTC said...

It made me so happy to see this in reader!!! I am looking for that lentil recipe AND the weekday favorites, please? Thanks.