Sunday, September 28, 2008

Catching Up

This week was weird.  Although back to the states and back to work, my mind and body were just a mess (which you read before, about my body anyways).  It's only been later this week and into this weekend that I really started to feel settled again.  A few things helped:

- Eleven hours of sleep on Tuesday night.  Not even kidding.  Not only did I pass out in my group meeting, but promptly came home, ate a salad (see, I did try and eat better), and went directly to bed.  I had hoped to read a stack of magazines for about an hour, then go to bed.  That idea lasted about ten minutes.  Suffice to say my body had not quite adjusted to Chicago as fast as I had hoped it would.

- Some relaxation.  Thursday night, the wife was getting drinks with a friend, so I came home to a dark and quiet apartment.  I took full advantage of a cooler night and got out on the balcony:

Assorted reading included The Atlantic, an awesome CB2 catalog, and some work reading that I felt obliged to plow through.  Oh, and a beer.

- Some good food.  Eating better really did make me feel a lot better.  More vegetables here and there and some homemade food really helped.  I made this dish Thursday night after the wife got home, and it's one of my favorites (courtesy of Bon Appetit).  Not only is it fun to make, but the colors are just awesome:

I find stir fry almost soothing.  Just crank up the heat and fry the shit out of everything!  I usually add about double the recommended amount of spinach, just because it's so good wilted and soaked in soy sauce, and it's good for you anyways.  

- Getting my crap in order.  Ever since we had gotten back, I had no clean clothes, old mail everywhere, and an enormous stack of magazines to get through (I need to stop subscribing to things that get delivered weekly).  Took care of ALL of it.  I can finally find all my stuff again.  I'm the kind of person that feels really unsettled if stuff is everywhere.

So (hopefully) now that I finally feel like my life is back in order, you may be hearing from me more.  I'm not promising anything though....

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its uber cute you say "the wife"