Tuesday, September 23, 2008

feeling the burn

Last night, I looked forward to crawling into bed to get another night of actual sleep.  I was still feeling the jet lag a little bit, and pretty much figured I would be fine by this morning.

Oh was I wrong.

Rough estimate of what was going on in my stomach

At about 2 am (only asleep for about two and half hours) I woke up with heartburn so unbearable that I immediately shoveled down three tums tablets and a generous swig of pepto-bismol.  What ensued was another hour of sitting up trying to get my stomach settled (which wasn't all that terrible, I caught up on 200 Chicagoist stories).  I tried water, followed that up with 7up to make me burp, which didn't work because the 7up was flat (blast!).  I finally found some diet tonic water in the back of the fridge that still had some fizz.  Good thing I like tonic water.  

You failed to meet my expectations...

When I finally managed to crawl into bed at around 330, I had a good three more hours of shuteye to get before having to get up and shower.  So, instead of feeling nice and well-rested, I'm groggy as hell and cannot wait to crawl into bed tonight, most likely at around 9 and sans dinner. I won't get home until 730 and I'm not eating that close to when I go to sleep.

Naturally, I thought to myself: "what did I eat last night that could have made my stomach upset?"  Truth be told I had been feeling some upset stomach this weekend as well, but nothing on the scale of the volcano churning in my stomach last night.  So I jotted down everything I've eaten since we left Australia.  It, well, explains everything:

On the plane: Two meals: dinner and breakfast.  What they are is unimportant.  It's airline food for god's sake.  Plus I had five gin and tonics on that flight.
Upon arriving at LAX: California Pizza Kitchen five cheese variety
Upon arriving home that night: Dona Naty's, chorizo burrito with rice and beans
Saturday: Chipotle for Lunch, followed by Thai for dinner
Sunday: Starbucks breakfast sandwich for lunch, followed by chicken wings, burgers, turkey chili, cupcakes, and beer for football. 
Monday: Starbucks coffee cake for breakfast, turkey sandwich with Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces, and three Whole Foods chicken sausages for dinner with cupcakes as a dessert.  

All in all, I probably gained 5 pounds and gave myself acid reflux disease in five days.  Oh, and I haven't had a real poo in three days.  That's making me more nervous than anything.  I may have to resort to buying fiber.  

I think it's time I eat a little better.  Salad, tofu, real vegetables, cut down on the meat, and lots of WATER.  I basically need to start cooking again.  I'll let you know how this goes.  I promise to not let you know when I poo.  

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TKTC said...

I have a special kind of tea if you need it :)

Also- I think I literally gained 4 lbs on Sunday. Just Sunday. Your fault. I ate fondue too, but two bowls of chili, two glasses of champagne, a glass of lambic, 3 chicken wings, 1/4 lb sugar-spiced nuts and a cupcake?