Sunday, February 15, 2009

getting my hands dirty...

I've recently found an awesome new blog, The Kitchn, which provides at least a few good posts daily.  That's something I can't say for most of the blogs I read (no offense to all of you, btw).  

They've recently been doing a special on how to make your kitchen better.  Better storage, better colors, better cooking, everything.  One special thing was all about renters: how to fix things up without having to pay out the ass in maintenance fees once you leave.  Well, I stumbled upon a pretty cool idea of theirs a week or so ago.  Needless to say, I couldn't help myself:

This peg board was probably one of the easiest and coolest home improvement projects I've ever done.  The total cost was 24 dollars, and that INCLUDED a quart of paint to match what we currently have in our living room.  If you do it without the paint, it's about 12 or 13 dollars.  Since I got a Home Depot gift card for Christmas, total cost to me was a big fat ZERO.  It opened up a whole cabinet of space, which in turn gave me a whole new countertop free to work on.  I need to get a few extra hooks so I can hang up some more utensils and my french press.  Needless to say, it was an easy project that I absolutely recommend if you have a free wall and need some kitchen space.  


Lovesfool said...

This is great until I visit. I'll trip over my shoes when I take them off at the door. I'll grab for the wall to regain my balance instead I'll fall and bring the peg board mounting system with me. I'll be knocked unconscious by all the pans and the the pizza cutter will amputate my arm.
So let me ask you? Is it worth $30 to almost kill your clumsy friend?

Anonymous said...

Yeah the pizza cutters and scissors look like they're going to do some damage before your lease is up. Thank god Friday the 13th just passed.

Audrey said...

This looks great, and I would love it in my kitchen. Doesn't it seem like there is never enough storage in a kitchen? And I dont even cook!
Thanks for the idea. Miss you.