Sunday, January 25, 2009

something to hold you over...

Since I finally realized how broke I am I haven't really cooked a thing in three weeks.  I'm currently digging out recipes that will allow me to use only the things in my cupboard.  Other than that, I'm limited to buying Chinese Noodles as a healthy (but still cheap) alternative to Ramen for my lunch for the next week.  I've been able to find the supplies for this really good looking rice pudding.

I think I promised a biscotti recipe a few weeks ago.  I made them, but I didn't like the recipe that much at all.  I'm gonna try another one (since I will have the materials for those as well on hand, save the eggs and milk) and I'll try and post that whenever I decide to do it again.  

Another awesome realization I made is that once I do have enough money to buy food again, I won't have any time to cook since my extra money is in taking on two jobs tutoring people.  I'll be lucky to have a wife in six months, let alone time to make a good meal.  

Anyways, since my life has been fairly uninteresting and this has been a pretty dreadful January, here's something from my heart to yours:

Yes, I like techno music too.  But I'm not a techno snob.  So anything with some good bass lines and some synthesizer of some sort usually does it for me.  If you need background music, this is the way to go.  I remember when I was graduating college and moving to Baltimore, I listened to this station for about 16 hours straight while I packed up my tiny little apartment on Maryland Avenue:

Anyways, hopefully a few of my readers will like it.  Also, if you don't like what you hear, just wait an hour.  Most of the DJ shifts are one to two hours.  Onto can't get here soon enough in my opinion.  

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