Thursday, January 8, 2009

a room without a view...

Just to give you a little window into my work world, I wanted to show you my desk:
Don't laugh, the periodic table actually helps...

Notice the complete lack of a window.  The closest window is three desks down, just in the right place so I can't see out the window whether I'm at my desk or doing chemistry at my bench and hood.  Thank god the view from the window is so great:


Anybody else out there with awful desks/views?  The only thing I'm lucky about is that my desk is huge.  I never have to worry about space.  But that's about it.


Anonymous said...

Cake's friend works at the Sears Tower and his window looks over the lake on the 100th something floor. I like your view better.

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely view.

My desk stares directly into the office of my co-worker. I'm not sure if that's more awkward for him, or me..

Audrey said...

Not a bad view. My view is a long hallway, similar to the one from that movie with Jack Nicholson that the kid rode his big wheel down. "Redrum"

I have no windows and cockroaches.

Im not kidding.

When I leave work, the dailylight hurts my eyes. I feel like I am leaving a mental ward, and need to retreat to my vampire coffin.