Thursday, January 1, 2009

my resolutions

I think a lucky seven is good:

1) Get back in shape - I was in great shape before the wedding, but it's kind of gone down hill from there.  This is a popular one.  For me, it's really just about convincing myself I have the energy when I get back from work to go work out.

2) Find a place to live in for more than a year - I'm tired of moving.  As much of a fan as I am of my current streak (which looks to make it to a full 10 years), I hope to move only one more time. It's gonna have to be a cheaper, two bedroom apartment though.  Elle and I need space to grow into, and one bedrooms are simply too small for a married couple who are starting to accumulate "grown-up" furniture like couches and bookcases.  That and I want an office type area, especially if we stay here once I get my Ph.D.

3) Make it to Europe - I don't think this is gonna happen (see my last post), but I'm gonna try.  Even if it's some "easy" place like London.

4) Read somewhere between 10 and 20 books - I have a stack of literature that I really want to get through (The Blank Slate, Guns Germs and Steel, A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Capitalism and Freedom included).  They help keep me centered too; reading too much chemistry literature puts me in a bad mood and makes me antisocial.  I'll take any good fiction suggestions as well.  I tend to not like fiction, but I've really been enjoying New Yorker fiction pieces.  

5) Cook more red meat - This is a tough one since Elle doesn't eat it, but I need to move in that direction as an aspiring cook.  I have enough pasta and chicken dishes mastered that I can whip something up really quick for Elle that she can eat.  I'm salivating at the thought of things like braised short ribs, pot roast, and pulled pork.  YUM!

6) Publish the equivalent of one full first author paper -  I say the equivalent because two small "communications" usually equals one full paper.  I'd say I could do one full and one communication, but the review process takes FOREVER for some of the journals we publish in.

7) Get outside more - There's been times in the last few months where I've gone into work in the morning when's it dark outside and left at night when it was dark outside.  Lab sucks because I ALWAYS need to be inside and my desk is in the corner of our lab with NO WINDOW.  I'm gonna do whatever I can to get at least a little bit of fresh air every day.  

I think this is plenty for 365 days worth.  


Anonymous said...

I need to read more books too. I read at the speed of light but books are so expensive over here that my reading has gone downhill.

Oh, Hello... said...

pinkjellybaby: Have you looked into getting a Kindle or some other comparable book reader? The up front cost will be tough but you should be able to play a flat rate since the books are electronic and there's no shipping to worry about. Just a thought.

Dream Weaver said...

find a place to live for more than a year... I have had that same set back. I should also read more than what's required by class. ditto on those amigo

Audrey said...

Let me know what weekend mom and I can come up. We'll have her cook her infammous pot roast with mushroom soup grave and mashed potatoes.

The best part about that meal is when you fill your plate and slather on the gravy, there is absolutely no color. Its all GREY.

Now that is nutrition folks!