Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the catch up game

After a fair amount of wifely nagging, I'm back on the blog wagon.  I'll start with the 25 random things post, and then follow up with my Christmas.  Here goes (this feels like one of those old school chain letters, but whatever):

1) I do actually have glasses, although I rarely wear them.  If I am wearing them, it probably means I'm writing a lot at work or not getting much sleep.

2) Over the course of seven years, I played football, baseball, soccer (three different positions, including goalie), hockey, volleyball, track, and cross country.  Cross country was by far what I was best at (hence why I still actually enjoy running long distances), and the last thing I discovered.  All the previous sports were really just me trying to find something I really liked.  

3) Up until the age of 21, I was an altar boy, cantor (read the readings), and eucharistic minister in various Catholic churches.

4) I contemplated becoming a priest in grade school.  Seriously for about two years.  

5) I'm an atheist.

6) I have hearing loss in both ears: moderate to severe in my left and moderate in my right.  At one point it was deteriorating so bad they thought I was going to go deaf, but it stopped getting worse.  I have hearing aids, but rarely wear them.  I don't HAVE to have them, but they actually help, especially in crowded places.  

7) I graduated 7th in my high school class.  Yeah, I was a nerd, and as a consequence had no friends leaving high school.  Let's just say I never miss my high school days.  They sucked.

8) Since turning 18, I have not lived in the same place for more than one year.  Chances are I will make it a full 10 years, since elle and don't really like were we live right now.  

9) When I was a kid, my father convinced me that Wendy's hamburgers tasted so good because they were kangaroo meat.

Yeah, I thought I was eating these delicious creatures.

10) I was a fat kid.  Like as in I wore "husky" pants.  Puberty + cross country leaned me out significantly.

11) My mother almost bled to death when I was 13.

12) I have a serious travel bug and no finances to try and satisfy it.  I still have a goal of getting to every continent except Antarctica before 30, but I doubt I'll get anywhere for another 4 years.  It also doesn't help that elle doesn't enjoy traveling nearly as much.

13) I wonder almost weekly if I would have been better off never leaving Hopkins.

14) I rarely dream (like once every few months).  I know we dream every night, but I rarely wake up saying "I had a dream last night."  

15) I love cold weather.  Something about walking around when it's ridiculously cold out, I don't know.  

16) I love cigarettes.  If smoking didn't cause lung cancer among a thousand other things, I'd smoke a pack a day.

17) I've never taken a single illegal drug in my life.  Nope, not even weed.

18) I have a soft spot in my heart for Tegan and Sara, Dido, and Sarah McLachlan (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy will always be an awesome album).  That will come as a surprise to those who know who I usually listen to.

I think this makes me emo before emo was emo.  Or just the reason every girl I knew in high school thought I was gay

God I love The Con

19)  I am a big big fan of the NFL, especially the Browns.  The Browns are by far my favorite team, but I can watch any game at any time (ask elle, she'll tell you)

20) I didn't watch Disney movies as a kid.  Don't remember Bambi, Snow White, any of that stuff.  What I do remember is Inspector Gadget and Looney Tunes.  Oh, and Animaniacs.

21) My dad raced supermodifieds every Saturday during the summer for the first 15 years of my life.  It's some of the best family memories I have

22) I grew up a quarter mile from Lake Erie.  I don't feel right unless I'm living near a real body of water (sorry St. Louis, thank you Baltimore and Chicago)

23) I find cleaning somewhat therapeutic (lucky for Elle.  Please remind her of this)

24) I LOVE video games, but just don't really have time to play.  I used to be a huge Final Fantasy guy

This brings back actual good memories from high school.

25) Since moving to Chicago, I rarely drive.  I don't miss it at all.  

I don't know how much of this is unknown to the readers, but I guess I'll find out. 


chevelin said...

I was a legion of the Catholic faith as well. I was alter boy, played piano, and taught catechism to third graders. I'm also an atheist.

And Wendy's prolly is kangaroo meat.

Anonymous said...


that's all.

TKTC said...

We're glad you didn't stay at Hopkins, you must be excllent at lip reading (particularly since I talk so fast)and if you guys get a major itch I help you find a cheap fare to London. It's worth it to break the seal even if it's just a long weekend. Will make it more and more approachable to go back.